My complete portfolio is available via this link. It contains more graphic design, typography work and motion graphics.

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New York City Recycling

New York City needed to change its recycling program with new iconic objects.

I started modeling and submitted to the client for reviewing. The second step was to apply texture and lightning. The rendering was performed using a render farm, as the resolution was paper and they needed 300dpi within a certain size.
The perspective is the same for every object, simple, iconic to allow easy composting with each other.

The client initially approached me after liking some 2D icon work on my portfolio.  As I started to sketch every object, some questions started to arise: how to show plastic versus glass, how to show metal versus foil.  The scope started to spread out and the need for specific material become obvious. While this project is different than my usual style of work, it shows my ability to diversify my skills and style, in order to successfully assist a client.

Agency: Grey NY
Design Director: Han Lin
Sr Designer: Andree Ljutica
Producer: Michelle Daoust, Debbie Joyce
3D Illustration: Rafael Macho